This chapter is dedicated to all singer-songwriters. In my opinion Scandinavian Music Group, Anssi Kela, Egotrippi, Maija Vilkkumaa, Pauli Hanhiniemi and Ambassadors represent the top class of Finnish music.

Scandinavian Music Group's "When the trees are doing cobweb", Maija Vilkkumaa's "Summer", the Ambassador's "Set the lights in balance", Pauli Hanhinieme's "Tell me something", and Irina's "Silence" are all very beautiful songs.

There are lots of excellent musicians and singer-songwriters. Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Nick Cave are classics. Ryan Adams is a songwriter of God's mercy. Eddie Vedder, Amy McDonald, P.J Harvey and Ana Moura represent various nationalities and types of music. But the joint thing is talent. Eddie Vedder possess lots of musical gifts, but also dignity. A quality, which is not typical for our times.

Crickets are chirpin, the water is high
Theres a soft cotton dress on the line hangin dry
The windows wide open, african trees
Bent over backwards from a hurricane breeze
Not a word of goodbye, not even a note
Shed gone with the man in the long black coat

Bob Dylan: Man In The Long Black Coat

Nils Lofgren: I miss you C:

Bob Dylan: Series of dreams:

Neil Young: Heart of gold:

Bob Dylan

Robert Allen Zimmerman is the most important songwriter of our times. As a songtext writer and metaphor user Dylan is absolutely unparalleled. In many of his songs he defends the so-called little people (The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll). His songs are often cinematic (Man In The Long Black Coat). Dylan's song themes range from beautiful love songs (Girl From The North Country) to gospel (Man Gave Names To All The Animals) and fight against war and violence (Masters Of War).

Dylan's official homepage can be found here.

Bob Dylan

Well, far between sundown's finish and midnight's broken toll
We ducked inside the doorway, thunder crashin'
As majestic bells of boats struck shadows in the sun;
Sayin', it may be the chimes of freedom flashin'
Flashin' for the warriors whose strength is not to fight;
Flashin' for the refugees on their unarmed road of flight.
And for each and every underdog soldier in the night
We gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashin'

Bob Dylan: " Chimes of Freedom "