Eddie Vedder
Eddie Vedder

This chapter is dedicated to all those whom dignity, soulfulness and patriotism are important values.

Eddie Vedder symbolizes these values. Vedder is Pearl Jams singer. His voice is baritone.

Vedder and a fantastic audience: No woman, no cry/Betterman at Arnhaim

The Free World: Rockin' in the Free World in Scotland 2006

Out here in the fields: Papa O´Riley, Beacon Theater at New York

Vedder and Young: Long road I- live in America- a Tribute to Heroes

I have wished for so long: Long road II

Majestetic: National anthem NBA Finals

Beautiful and poetic: No Surrender at East Rutherford

Classical folk song: The Times They Are A-Changin'

Wonderful: Forever Young at Boston

The man and the guitar: I Won't Back Down George at Washington

Black and beautiful: Black in Netherlands

Eddie Vedder and dignity: No more Torontossa

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Words to song Better Days you will find here

Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder's real name is Edward Louis Steverson III. Eddie Vedder lyrical themes include freedom, individualism and sympathy for the poor and the powerless.

Eddie Vedder names The Who, The Doors, Neil Young, R.E.M., The Ramones, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan as his musical influences.

Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam includes Eddie Vedder (guitar, vocals), Mike McCready (guitar), Stone Gossard (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), Matt Cameron (drums).

The band's official site is here.

Pearl Jam