Fabiano Luigi Caruana (born July 30, 1992) is an Italian-American chess grandmaster. He is called ”Fabi” by fans and chess public.

Caruana became a grandmaster at the age of 14 years, 11 months and 20 days—the youngest grandmaster in the history of both Italy and the United States at the time.

At the age of five, his chess talent was discovered and the same year he played his first tournament at the Polgar Chess Center in Queens, New York. His first chess coach, from age six to eight, was National Master (NM) Bruce Pandolfini. At the moment his trainer is (as far as I know) chess grandmaster Rustam Kazimdhzanov from Uzbekistan (they have difficult names in Uzbekistan).

Caruana’s peak Elo rating was 2844 in October 2014. At the moment his Elo rating is 2784.

The high point of Caruana´s chess career thus far was the Sinquefield Cup in Saint Louis, Missouri, in 2014. Caruana began the tournament with 7 consecutive wins and ended the tournament with 8½ points out of 10 games (7 wins and 3 draws). In that tournament, Caruana achieved a performance rating of over 3080, possibly the best tournament result in history. Caruana´s last great success came in December 2017 in London where he won the London Chess Classic tournament with 6 points out of 10 games (+3-0=6).

The game Magnus Carlsen against Caruana from Sinquefield Cup in 2014 deserves to be presented here Magnus Carlsen-Fabiano Caruana Sinquefield Cup 2014

The problem with Caruana is in my view is that he has not really improved since Sinquefield Cup 2014. On the contrary, he has somewhat lost ground at least measured in Elo points. I expressed my view to Norwegian-American chess grandmaster Jonathan Tisdall a couple of weeks ago on Twitter and he answered to me in the following way on his Twitter account: ”I hear he has some off the board distractions. I think he might surprise people in the Candidates. He won London, not long since we saw him in top form.”

The following Youtube video is quite a recent interview with Caruana Fabiano Caruana interview He speaks excellent English! Not a surprise. It is his mother tongue!

Fabiano Caruana´s style:

– To put it short: A very varied and versatile. He is nearly as well home in every type of game and at every opening variation. He told very succinctly about his style in the Wikipedia article of him: ”I wouldn’t assess it in such categories [tactical or strategic]. It seems to me I’m a good fighter. I enjoy playing different types of position, both tactical and strategic. I can’t say there’s anything I avoid. I can attack on a board full of pieces or maneuver in a roughly even position, and I’ve got nothing against the endgame.” Nothing to add. Caruana is a universal player!

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